Q Amino Acids

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With crucial elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, amino acids truly are your chemical building blocks. Q Amino Acids provides a total supply to your body’s systems. Our amino product is incredibly special in its absorption ability. Since the amino acids are in FREE FORM, your body doesn’t need to digest first to experience their benefits. As an added plus, Q Amino Acids also includes ALL of the branched-chain amino acids so the protein in your muscles and other tissues remain strong.   Due to the incredible importance of amino acids, other key vitamins are included to provide ideal balance. There is a reason they’re called ESSENTIAL amino acids – they truly are your body’s architects. For superb synergy, we recommend using Q Amino Acids in conjunction with the foundational EMPowerplus™ Q96 and Q Omegas. The bio-available combination cannot be beat in the supplement marketplace.

Key benefits include:

  • Promotes growth of solid muscle tissue
  • Improves absorption of vital nutrients
  • Supports healthy cellular function
  • Helps increase strength and endurance

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