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at Sugar Enzymes is a powerful supplement which burns and digests dietary fat. Unlike the potentially harmful "fat blockers" and other so-called fat burners on the market, Fat Sugar Enzymes unique combination of proven ingredients not only reduces the fat stores, but works in harmony with the body to ensure that fat is utilized and converted to energy.

Studies show that 50% or more of North Americans are seriously overweight, and that another 20 to 30% would benefit from some weight loss.? Excess sugar consumption leads to diabetes which is one of the top five killers of Americans today, and the odds are 99 to 1 that you consume too much sugar.

 There is no question that the extra fat we carry will lead to severe penalties on our health. But did you know that "eating" fat is not really the problem? The real problem is that your body can't properly digest (break down) the fat you eat! Why did Eskimos who existed on a diet of almost 100% whale blubber have almost 0% incidence of heart disease, hardening of the arteries, or cancer? This was once a puzzling question, but today the answer is clear. They ate raw. This means that the enzymes designed to digest the fat were not destroyed by any cooking process. The fat digested fully, and properly digested fat is one of the best energy sources in the world.

We typically take in more fat than we can digest or burn. Divine Nature's Fat Sugar Enzymes enables your body to digest fat far more effectively by providing you with the fat digesting enzymes normally found in raw fats.

Divine Nature's Fat Sugar Enzymes uses the purest available source of lipase, the enzyme that digests fat. Our formula also contains the Chromium Chelazome or chelated form of chromium that is four times more bioavailable to the body than chromium picolinate! Drinking carbonated beverages seriously depletes your chromium reserves, and therefore almost all North Americans are chromium deficient. Chromium Chelazome helps regulate insulin levels. Insulin helps control hunger and regulates energy production and fat burning. It also helps in muscle building and the utilization of cholesterol. It aids in resisting disease by stimulating the immune system. The U.S. Government has also concluded that chromium helps accelerate the metabolizing of dietary fats in the body.

Divine Natures Trademark Proprietary Delivery System also helps in guaranteeing quicker absorption.

Remember that it is not what you can ingest or eat, but what you can digest or absorb that really counts.

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